Welcome to the Sugar Mountain Community Association, incorporated in 1978 as your ombudsman on the mountain. Among our recent accomplishments has been the preservation of the property now known as the J. Douglas Williams Park.  Here you can enjoy a picnic or hike, confident that such a beautiful place will be forever free of further development. The 14 acre park was developed by the Sugar Mountain Community Association, then gifted to the Village of Sugar Mountain.

In addition to providing a venue to share good times and ideas, the Sugar Mountain Community Association represents the interests of both full time and part-time property owners to the Village Council of Sugar Mountain.  A member of our Board of Directors attends each Council meeting, providing members with valuable feedback and insight into the challenges of village management, raising critical resident issues to the Council when appropriate.


A Brief History of Sugar Mountain

In the Western Highlands of NC between the towns of Linville and Banner Elk, the Sugar Mountain Company was started with the purchase of 2,000 acres of land. An additional 900 acres, owned by George MacRae, a tract owned by Julian Morton, and two farm tracts in Norwood Hollow were added to form Sugar Mountain. The vision of Sugar Mt. was developed by Dr. Tom Brigham, the pioneer of Southern skiing. He was a dentist in Birmingham, Ala. He read an article in Reader’s Digest reporting the invention of a machine for producing man-made snow. He was a long time skier who learned to ski on the slopes of Vermont.

Working with Dr. Brigham were George and Chessie MacRae. George was a conservationist and Chessie was experienced in developing recreational programs. To achieve the development of the mountain their plans were shared with General Alex Andrews, a business consultant and attorney from Raleigh, NC, and with Albert W. Johnson, financier, sportsman and mortgage banker from Nashville, TN. Skiing was only a small part of the grand 
design of Sugar Mountain. It was to be a second home year-round family resort community that would be self-sustaining, with a cluster of shops, professional services, even a church; not just another resort development but to a true home away from home for its property owners. The three faces of the mountain group were Big Sugar, Little Sugar, and Flat Top. Construction was started in early 1969 with the ski slopes opening for the first time on Dec. 29, 1969.

In addition to the ski slopes, the developers built a 40,000 square foot central resort lodge containing a dining room/cafeteria, offices, a gift and ski shop, ski rental and repair shops, public locker room, nursery and club room for resort members and lodge guests. A two building 32 room guest lodge was built slope side just above the main lodge.

By 1972, building lots were developed and sold in Western Highlands, Grouse Forest, and Mushroom Park, residential areas on either side of the ski slopes. Condominiums were built and sold in rapid order through 1983. To help preserve the beauty of the mountains, the electric power lines were all installed underground. Nearly every road was paved. Following this initial period of rapid development, no new condominiums were built until 2004, although private homes continued to flourish all over Sugar Mountain.


Our Mission


The mission of the S.M.C.A. is to further the common interest and general welfare of the property owners of Sugar Mountain through civic improvements and friendly social relations. We welcome the participation of all interested in preserving and enjoying the best of Sugar Mountain.




Regular memberships are available for property owners; associate memberships for non-property owners. S.M.C.A. membership enables you to attend all the activities and social events planned by the association.

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